Alloy, Steel and Space Saver Wheels

Tyrewise offers a wide selection of used alloy wheels, steel wheels and space saver wheels for almost any car or van. We've got the wheels you need for less!

Wheel Prices

Individual steel wheel Start from £20.00 (inc. VAT)
Alloy wheels Start from £25.00 (inc. VAT)
Alloy wheels complete with tyres Start from £150.00 (inc. VAT)

Prices for used wheels vary depending on the general condition of the wheel itself. All used wheels are checked for quality and damage.

Alloy Wheels

To see our full range of OEM and aftermarket alloy wheels available today in stock please click here.

Steel Wheels

If you are looking for a steel wheel please click here or fill in our Steel Wheel Enquiry form.

Space Saver Wheels

If you require a space saver wheel click here to see our range of stocks available today.

If you need any more information or have a question for our team please feel free to call us on 01202 712896 (Poole) or . If you prefer, simply send us an email to (Poole).

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